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A bill may pass the Senate and Assembly, but it does not take effect until it is signed by the governor. Those bills will appear in red below.

What it doesSenate BillAssembly BillStatusNotes
Don't let teachers who want to carry concealed protect their studentsS00101AA01715ASigned by GovernorParents currently allowed to decide through their elected school boards
Requires a person to apply for a hunting license prior to the purchase of a shotgun or rifle; to purchase any firearm, shotgun or rifle requires taking a five hour gun safety course and exam, passing a shooting range test with 90% accuracy, providing notarized proof of a passed drug test and mental health evaluation, providing proof of purchase of firearm and ammunition safe storage depositories and passing a criminal background check.S01412 In Committee
Bans "undetectable guns"S01414A00763 Signed by GovernorAlready illegal under federal law for 30 years, would ban 3d printing, no evidence these are being used in crimes
Bans flame throwersS01637 Passed SenateWording could make torches illegal, could affect muffler shops and steel fabrication shops
Bans "ghost guns", assembly of guns, and dissemination of instructions for assemblyS02143In CommitteeWould make it illegal to field strip your gun
Limits purchase of rifle or shotgun to one every 90 daysS02240In Committee
Microstamping requirementS02277A01251In CommitteeWould make guns more expensive, has never stopped a crime, allows false evidence to be planted at crime scenes
Raise minimum age to possess any gun to 21S02280A07460In CommitteeWould include spring or air powered guns such as bb, airsoft, paintball
Mandatory firearms safety courseS02291In Committee
Extends from 3 days to 30 days a hold on firearm purchase if NICS check comes back as "delay" S02374 A02690Signed by GovernorPreviously, if there was a "delay" during the background check , ATF had 3 days to investigate and "deny" a purchase, or the system automatically updates to "approve"
Requires privately manufactured guns to have serial numberS02419A02492 In Committee
Bans 50 caliber gunsS02437In Committee
Requires an applicant for a New York State pistol permit who is domiciled in another state to waive confidentiality of their home state mental health recordsS02438A01213Signed by Governor
Bump stock banS02448A02684Signed by Governor
Safe storage requirementS02450A02686Signed by Governor
Red flag lawS02451A02689Signed by GovernorDue process concerns
Prohibits schools from offering marksmanship or shooting programsA01007In CommitteeTakes away right of parents to decide
Limit sales of ammo "designed for use" in "assault weapons" to twice the magazine capacity in 120 day periodA01724In CommitteeSafety concern, not enough ammo to practice your aim. Would ban common forms of ammo used in other guns.
Requires gun owners to obtain one million dollars in liability insuranceS04868In CommitteeWould allow only rich people to own guns
Prohibit sales of unfinished frames and receiversS06716A08650In CommitteeWould also make it illegal to field strip your gun
Ban raffles of firearms except for veterans, volunteer firefighters, and police benevolent associationsS06738In Committee
Requires gunsmiths and firearms dealers to keep all firearms and ammunition securedA06388In CommitteeYou would not be able to browse guns in a store, can only be shown one at a time under direct supervision of employee
Expands definition of "school grounds" for prohibiting possession of firearmsA06927In Committee"School grounds" would include sidewalks, streets, parking lots, parks, playgrounds, stores and restaurants within one thousand feet of school grounds
Charge $5 fee for every gun purchase and use it for "gun violence research fund"A07640In CommitteeGun violence research fund would be unscientific mask for anti-gun propaganda
Require sales of unfinished frames or receivers to be sold though licensed dealer and have serial numberA08870In Committee
Require "proceed" response from NICS check to sell firearmA00716In CommitteeCurrently, if NICS check comes back as "delay" ATF has 30 days to investigate or transaction is automatically approved
Requires anyone purchasing a gun to submit to a mental health evaluation and get permission from a doctorS07065In CommitteeYou would not be allowed to use your personal physician