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When there is a lawyer listed, GOA-NYS is supporting this lawsuit, and your donations help to fund it.

When the status of a case is blue, a preliminary injunction forbidding enforcement of the law is currently active (which you can see by clicking on the text).

GOA v HochulOverturn NYS gun legislation passed in defiance of ConstitutionStephen Stamboulieh, Robert OlsonU.S. District Court Northern District
Gazzola v HochulOverturn law placing unnecessary burdens on gun shopsPaloma CapannaU.S. District Court Northern District
Christian v NegrelliOverturn law forcing private property owners to put up signsU.S. District Court Western District
Hardaway v NegrelliOverturn restrictions on carrying in churchesU.S. District Court Western District
Spencer v NigrelliOverturn restrictions on carrying in churchesU.S. District Court Western District
Goldstein v HochulOverturn restrictions on carrying in synagoguesU.S. District Court Southern District
Corbett v HochulOverturn social media, references, and training requirements for permitsU.S. District Court Southern District
Lane v JamesOverturn NYS "assault weapons" banU.S. District Court Southern District
Lewis v JamesOverturn NYS "assault weapons" banJames TresmondU.S. District Court Northern District
MacKay v State of New YorkCorrect federal NICS recordPaloma CapannaVictory
NYSRPA v BruenEstablish right to carry firearms outside homeVictory
NYSRPA v City of New YorkEstablish right to carry firearms outside homeNYC changed law, case dismissed as moot (but see above)
NRA v CuomoPermanent injunction prohibiting interference with financial activitiesU.S. District Court Northern District
Maloney v SingasOverturn ban on nunchucks as violation of Second AmendmentVictory
State of New York v RoseFirearm permit does not give cause for searchVictory
Robinson v CuomoForce State Police to tell how many "assault weapons" were registeredPaloma CapannaVictory
State of New York v WasselOverturn Ben Wassel's SAFE Act convictionJames OstrowskiVictory
Libertarian Party of Erie County v CuomoOverturn Sullivan Act (firearm permit law)James OstrowskiU.S. Supreme Court denied review
Avitabile v BeachOverturn ban on stun guns as violation of Second AmendmentVictory
People v Melquan TuckerOverturn conviction for unlawful firearm possession in the homeU.S. Supreme Court denied review