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The problem with America is liberal leftists

America is heading for deep trouble and it is because of the actions and philosophy of the liberal leftists and socialists. Actually, socialism is high on the agenda of the left and is getting big pushes from the major media and many colleges and universities.

The state of New York seems to be one of the test markets for this movement and because of it, falls in the top three categories having the reputation of the highest of tax burdens, political corruption and bureaucracies.

New York is a leader in corruption which is now getting the publicity it deserves regarding the pay for play activity in Albany. While Washington has the accusation of being a swamp, the state’s capital can be likened to a sewer. The way it is being governed with its “three men in a room” is what is creating the stink of deliberate corruption.

At the head of the problems and the leader of the leftists is Governor Andrew Cuomo. He passes obnoxious and unpopular bills literally in the middle of the night with a “message of necessity.” It is a pet bill of his to deny constitutional rights to honest, law abiding gun owners.

The way he did this would make logical people believe that he no longer views himself as an elected official, but rather fancies himself to be a king. He loves to act as if his word is law, and the SAFE Act gives credence to that opinion.

The liberal media will denigrate President Donald Trump because of a Tweet made or a sentence in one of his speeches that does not come under their definition of “politically correct.” The comparison gives credence to the complaint by conservatives that the liberal media and politicians are more than willing to use a double standard in reporting and speaking.

Just look at the history of the Muller investigations. It is another good example of the differences regarding the left and the right. It is obvious that the commission started out with bias and a double standard regarding corruption. Hillary got a pass with her destruction of her emails. The left didn’t make an issue out of that event, but had it involved Donald Trump they would have called for criminal penalties.

But, true to their code, the liberals pursued the Muller investigation with biased staff, lies, accusations and questionable FISA documents. . The investigation has not shown any collusion between Donald Trump and Russian hacking of emails and other data. The reporting of the involvement of a couple of FBI management people is now drawing attention where it belongs—with corrupt individuals within an honorable division of government.

The details of the exposure of the mistakes of this investigation are proving to be very damaging to the Obama administration as it has been shown that much of the hacking of government data by Russian operatives was done during the Obama administration. However, the liberal media seems to believe that it isn’t worth their time to dig into it.

Back to the “test market” in New York! At one time, Andrew Cuomo put together the Moreland Commission to “root out corruption.” Not much value came out of it and when it looked like the AG was getting close to the head of the dragon who could be the major influence in corrupt practices, the governor disbanded it. In politics, timing is a huge consideration when making decisions.

This is an important year for the citizens in New York. Two major seats are up for election. They are for governor and senator. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is the senator and doesn’t seem to have much competition in this race. Her opponent is running a very low key campaign. A future column will address this.

However, it is worth mentioning that Senator Gillibrand has been very vocal about her anti-life stance on abortion and that she will do whatever she can to oppose the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Of The United States. He is the most highly qualified, but not to her standards. She deserves input from her constituents.

The other person, Governor Andrew Cuomo has a viable opponent in Marc Molinaro who is a candidate making his run on a platform almost opposite to the practices of Cuomo.

Molinaro is campaigning on a platform of lower taxes to give the working public a break and debt reduction instead of debt increases with more borrowing. He proposes having a state auditor to review state contracts to eliminate the sweetheart deals and the pay for play practices currently used, and makes the government more transparent in its lawmaking and enforcement policies. The scandal of the Buffalo Billions is just one example of the corruption,

In a recent interview he expressed his problems with the SAFE Act where honest law abiding gun owners can lose their Second Amendment rights on accusations and false reports. Many NY gun owners suffered the loss of four constitutional and civil rights because of the current provisions and have no hope under the present administration to get relief from the injustice. Also. it did nothing to curb the criminal misuse of firearms.

Molinaro is now traversing the state to inform the citizens that there is hope for this state to keep it from being a socialist haven with sanctuary cities. It is rumored that Cuomo wants to make NY a Sanctuary State and inviting illegal immigrants (actually invaders) to partake in benefits paid for by taxpayers. The pardoning of more than 20,000 criminals and giving them the fight to vote is another disagreement by this challenger.

It will be an interesting year for politics and almost a decision of good versus evil when it comes to government.

Hopefully, the citizens will be motivated to break the chains of corruption and choose to improve the quality of legislators who are chartered to represent, not rule them. Go for it.

Budd Schroeder