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Principles, perspective, perception and politics

Election time causes political thoughts and actions to be thrust into the faces of the citizen and an expectation that they will take the propaganda that “political experts” try to feed potential voters. The type of rhetoric that infuses the news, commercials and mail gives credence to the thought that “some people will believe anything you tell them.”

The political ads and the biased news can be very creative in denigrating a person who is running for political office. A good example is the scandal that involves Brett Kavanaugh as he is going through the process of being confirmed to be a Supreme Court Justice Of The United States. He is a man of outstanding credentials and character.

However, the liberal leftists in the political arena are determined to raise issues that could be very embarrassing and stop the confirmation. This is panic at the extreme. They try to dig up any sort of rumor or allegation that could be shameful or even illegal.

In the Kavanaugh case, suddenly a woman enters the scene with an allegation that about 35 years ago, at a school kids party, she got drunk and was groped by a male who she identified as Brett Kavanaugh, who was 17. This sudden surge in her memory forgot the name of the party and when it was held, but she “remembers” that he pushed her on a bed and groped her.

Interesting how the leftists can find people from decades ago who can suddenly remember unpleasant actions by a highly placed person. Many people will go to extremes to get their fifteen minutes of fame, especially if it gets a lot of publicity and controversy. Anything of a sexual event is bound to do that, especially in this “me too” environment.

Granted, that sexual abuse of any kind is unacceptable, should be taken seriously, and if true, be prosecuted. Nobody should have to endure any humiliating and emotionally damaging event of that nature. However, for those who make up stories that can damage an innocent person should also face severe penalties for slander or libel.

As this column is written, the facts have not been tested and a hearing or trial is necessary to determine the accuracy of the charges. However, the liberal leftists try to get an accusation to be every bit as effective as a trial and conviction.

This technique has been used in several other political events and it seems the conservatives are the ones who are the targets. Perspectives and perceptions abound in these political techniques where one side attempts to destroy the credibility and qualifications of the person they wish to destroy. Many times the techniques work.

Another example of the effect of lack of principles is the way the rhetoric is going in the New York State race for governor between Andrew Cuomo and Marc Molinaro. If anyone should be investigated for improper behavior it should be Cuomo. In eight years, he has damaged the state in multiple ways. Corruption is just one issue.

For example, the citizens of this state are the highest taxed people in the nation and in the fourth quarter of 2016, the state was ranked 46th with just 0.4 percent growth while the GDP rate stuck under one percent.

That may be one of the reasons that the state is losing population (along with tax revenue) faster than any other state. According to recent data, in 2017 alone, 190,000 residents booked out of the state bringing the total up to about a million.

That could mean the potential loss of a congressional district after the next census.

Perhaps that is why Cuomo would like open borders and a sanctuary state to pad the numbers. Along with the financial debacles, every person in the state has a $3,000 debt for the deficit caused by poor management and a projected deficit for next year of upwards of nine billion dollars. More taxes? Probably!

New York also, under the Cuomo administration, has been called the most corrupt state in the nation. Considering that our nation includes, Louisiana, Illinois, New Jersey and Maryland, this is a real negative. To be fair, California is also known for corruption and poor management. Regardless of the actual placement in that group, it is shameful to be there.

The Republican candidate, Marc Molinaro has been working at a financial disadvantage considering that Cuomo started with a campaign war chest of more than $30 million and spent about $20 million in his primary with Cynthia Nixon. She lost, but did better than expected, and is still in the race on the Working Families Party line.

Molinaro has a solid, practical and doable platform. No pie it the sky promises and he backs up his platform with logic and reason. In a state that has a heavily Democrat overlay of registered voters, he can convince the public that he has enough support to win.

The reason is logical because there are people in other parties and the big supply of the independents who are not registered with any party gives him the numbers. With four other candidates on minor party lines, a majority isn’t necessary to win. The victor needs only a plurality and that makes an upset very possible.

The campaign will get dirty. The liberals are experts in mudslinging and false statements. Perhaps with all the focus on national politics during the past two years and the exposure to dirty tricks and false accusations, the people are getting educated enough to vote for the best candidate and not for a particular party.

Principles, perspective, perception and pragmatism might be able to defeat party politics. We hope so.

Budd Schroeder