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Letter to the editor

It is obvious that Governor Andrew Cuomo hates guns and gun owners. He rammed through the SAFE Act with a Message of Necessity in order to get it passed without any input from law enforcement, mental health experts and citizens. It was filled with flaws and allows the confiscation of guns without due process by false reports and opinions of unqualified persons.
Now, he wants to add teachers to the list of people who have the power to have guns confiscated. If they have an opinion that a student presents a danger of being violent, they can contact a judge who can order the guns confiscated form the student’s home. The logical procedure would be to have the student evaluated by a mental health professional before any action is taken against the family.
The SAFE Act should be repealed and school safety should be implemented by having a school resource professional who is armed and ready to protect the occupants. The politicians and bureaucrats have armed guards in their buildings. Why do they think their lives are more valuable and worth protecting than school children?
The solution is solved by focusing on people who are prone to violence not on creative ways to confiscate guns.


Budd Schroeder
Chairman Emeritus, SCOPE

Budd Schroeder