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A bill may pass the Senate and Assembly, but it does not take effect until it is signed by the governor. Those bills will appear in red below.

What it doesSenate BillAssembly BillStatusNotes
Makes it a felony to sell unfinished receiverS00013A02666Passed Senate and AssemblyWould also make it illegal to field strip your gun
Bans "ghost guns"S00014A00613Passed Senate and AssemblyWould make it illegal to field strip your gun
Prohibit gun ownership for adults 18-21S00476A00412In CommitteeAdults 18-21 could join army and be ordered to kill people, but not allowed to defend themselves at home
Require passing firearms safety course to own a gunS01192A07246In CommitteeEquivalent of a literacy test for voting, federal courts have ruled gun proficiency tests unconstitutional as they require a test to exercise a civil right
Can't issue firearm license to persons on "no-fly list"S01602A03841In CommitteeNo-fly list is a procedurally flawed secret list with people on it for no reason
Requires a person to apply for a hunting license prior to the purchase of a shotgun or rifle; to purchase any firearm, shotgun or rifle requires taking a five hour gun safety course and exam, passing a shooting range test with 90% accuracy, providing notarized proof of a passed drug test and mental health evaluation, providing proof of purchase of firearm and ammunition safe storage depositories and passing a criminal background check.S03018A07771In CommitteeBans self-defense for non-hunters, equivalent of literacy test for voting, guilty until proven innocent
Require microstamping for handgunsS04116A07926In Committee Effectively bans all handguns since the technology doesn't work, if it did work would make it easier to frame people for crimes
Require personal liability insuranceS07066A00581In CommitteeMakes it illegal for poor people to protect themselves
Makes gun sellers liable for illegal use of guns despite sale being legalS07196A06762Passed Senate and AssemblyFederal law prohibits civil suits against firearm manufacturers, "reasonable effort" is unconstitutionally vague
10-day waiting period after NICS checkA00449In Committee
Ban 3D printed guns and other digital methodsA00483In CommitteeAnti-technology bill that bans improved manufacturing processes
Gun shops can't be near churches or schoolsA01227In CommitteeSolution in search of a problem
Ban sale of handgun ammo without licenseA01598In CommitteeSame ammo used in handguns and rifles, lawful rifle owners would be unable to buy ammo
Require special vehicle to transport 5+ guns or "ammo sufficient for five or more weapons"A01815In CommitteeEssentially bans carpooling for hunting trips, how much ammo is "sufficient" for five guns is unreasonably vague
Ban gun rafflesA02061In CommitteeTransparent attempt to harm non-profit organizations with "wrong" political views
Prohibit markmanship courses in schoolsA02222In CommitteeProhibits teaching the safe handling of firearms
Ban armor piercing ammunitionA02637In CommitteeNo definition of what makes a bullet armor piercing, would encourage use of lead which harms environment
Ban gun shows on public landA03808In CommitteeDiscriminates against certain individuals and businesses without providing any justification
Must surrender antique firearms if convicted of certain crimes or reported for mental hygeineA03926In CommitteeEquivalent of making people surrender horse drawn carriage if convicted of DWI