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A bill may pass the Senate and Assembly, but it does not take effect until it is signed by the governor. Those bills will appear in red below.

NOTE: The legislative session is currently over including the "emergency session" and these are the major gun control bills that passed. Head on over to our Lawsuits page to see what we're doing about it.

What it doesSenate BillAssembly BillStatusNotes
Basically attempts to repeal Second AmendmentS51001A41001Signed by Governor State legislature equivalent of a temper tantrum
Requires license to acquire semiautomatic riflesS09458A10503Signed by GovernorBiggest expansion of gun control in NYS ever
Makes it easier to get "red flag" seizure of firearmsS09113A10502Signed by GovernorEssentially "pre-crime" like in the science fiction movie, no due process and based on hypothetical imagining
Changes definition of firearm to anything that goes bangS09456A10504Signed by GovernorEnables other legislation