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Independence Day to remember our freedoms

Independence Day is a day to celebrate the birth of a country that had its start to create a new form of government based on the rule of law, not the whims of dictators or royalty. It was a great idea and still is, but there are people in our country that disagree. Those who call themselves “progressive” are actually giving another name to “socialism.”

Our founding fathers and the patriots who fought and suffered to break away from the bonds of royalty of the British Empire would have a tough time recognizing the pattern of movement away from the concepts of their efforts. The major focus of their type of government was individual freedoms. They wrote a constitution to guarantee certain unalienable rights as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

They placed in the documents of freedom the fact that the rights were endowed by out Creator and not given by men. The document was written to assure that the limits were placed on the government and the leaders to be unable to destroy or infringe on their rights. However, during the course of history, politicians have “adjusted” or eroded those rights contrary to the wishes of our Founding Fathers.

The Constitution starts with the guarantee of free speech, free press and freedom of religion, but some members of our society have a problem with that. They have warped the concept of religion and have changed aspects of it to be “freedom from religion.” They have forced removal of doors or signs showing the Ten Commandments in some public buildings and won’t allow prayers to be said at some public functions.

The term “Merry Christmas” has been criticized and changed to “Happy Holidays” and the holiest of the Cristian celebrations has been eroded into a commercial buying frenzy. God has been replaced by the Almighty Dollar. School children have been prohibited from mentioning the holiday in their classrooms and criticized for saying “Merry Christmas” to their friends.

The “politically correct” people will fight to have THEIR right to any type of free speech they choose, but if speech conflicts with their definition of politically correct, there can be consequences varying from criticism to loss of jobs or businesses. We still are confused about who determines what is “politically correct” but the liberal left media and politicians seem to be at the forefront or the movement.

It is probably just a coincidence, but it is difficult to recall any mass murders in schools before the saying of prayers was banned in the classrooms or religious education being allowed during school hours. Just one thought of many on the subject. It is strange to see the differences of how religion is treated, even in the courtrooms.

People will swear on the Bible or affirm that they will tell the truth in a courtroom. How long will it be before the Bible will be forbidden as part of the process? Perjury is the same for either and it would help the progressives to further erode the role of religion in THEIR society.

A baker was fined because he would not decorate a wedding cake for a same sex wedding because it was a violation of his religious beliefs. Recently, that was overturned by SCOTUS. However, it still lingers on when a person has to be concerned that his or her religious beliefs can come in conflict with the liberal version of what public policy should be.

The Declaration of Independence was flawed when it stated that “all men are created equal” because it did not ban slavery. That was a huge issue and was a compromise to make the 13 colonies a union of 13 states. The Supreme Court with the Dred Scott Decision and Fugitive Slave Act stated that slavery was not unconstitutional and it took a Civil War to right that wrong. However, it brought out the 13th Amendment and freedom reigned. Many brave men lost their lives in gaining that freedom as was done in the Revolutionary War.

The Second Amendment has been assaulted since that war. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” was an inconvenience to the liberals of that time and gun control was introduced. The real purpose was to keep the newly freed slaves from defending themselves against the KKK and night riders who still viewed African Americans as inferior and not deserving of means of self-defense.

The term “infringed” is obviously very subjective and has been a constant issue in the courts for more than a century. The New York Sullivan Act and the SAFE Act are two examples of how the leftist liberals twist facts and enlist corrupt politicians to destroy constitutional rights for the citizens. The amendment was placed in the Constitution as the Second Amendment to protect the people from being subjected to an oppressive government. The Founding Fathers considered that to be very important.

The Constitution is a written contract and is being challenged by the liberal left to conform to their socialistic beliefs. They want to expand the government’s power at the expense of the individual freedoms of the citizens. As they erode the freedoms with laws that give more power to the bureaucrats and reduce the freedoms of the individuals, it is a decided attempt to move the government from a republic to socialism.

Independence Day is a day to reflect and remember the origin of our country and the brave patriots who fought and died in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, two World Wars and several conflicts that were listed as efforts to “save democracy” in foreign lands. The sacrifices were great.

We will watch parades with soldiers marching and carrying the American Flag, which many of the liberal left go out of their way to disrespect. They can do this because of “freedom of speech.” They use the amendment to spit on the Constitution and the memory of those patriots who lost their limbs, health and lives to fight for freedom, here and abroad. May this country come to its senses and spend the day with respect and a promise of maintaining the concept of freedom as it was originally intended.

Budd Schroeder