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Cuomo is wrong. America is great.

People have to be careful what they say and to whom they say it. This is particularly true when it comes to politicians and speeches. President Donald Trump keeps raising eyebrows and getting unflattering media comments for some of his speeches and Tweets. It seems to be part of the game.

Recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a huge gaff when he tried to denigrate a Trump slogan of “Make America Great Again.” Cuomo made the comment that America was never great and that started the commentary about how America is great, was great, and will continue to be great. At least that is the comment shared by patriotic Americans.

The Cuomo statement is really backfiring at Cuomo and it is ammunition for the big guns in the conservative movement making Cuomo the perfect target for shots that don’t have to be cheap. It is difficult to find anything that is perfect and that includes countries and governments, but America is still growing and getting better in spite of the liberal criticisms.

What makes America great is the people who have created the republic and those who keep trying to improve it. When the Declaration of Independence was written it was done to separate the colony from a monarchy and it focused on freedom. The government was created in a manner that there would be no rulers. It created a government that would be one of laws, not men.

The Constitution was a written document that affirmed certain rights were created by God and not subject to the whims of rulers. These rights focused on individual freedoms and so enumerated in the Bill of Rights. However, there was a big error that was not corrected because of political compromise to get the Constitution passed. It still allowed the abomination of slavery.

Even with the declaration that “all men are created equal” was written, it was perverted and slavery lasted for almost another century. It took the efforts of a great President, Abraham Lincoln, and a Civil War to make all people free. Even then, it took another century to improve on the levels of that freedom. The war didn’t solve the problem, but it did open the door so there could be a solution.

That is a factor that makes America great. It has the means and the will to improve and the freedoms are what helped to create the Industrial Revolution. Some may call it capitalism, but what it did was to take away the practice in the old country of nobility and serfs. Here, a person could start a business that could morph into an industry and create wealth and a better life for those who had the intelligence and ambition to work and to create new ways and products.

During the growth of the country, injustices were inflicted on the Native Americans. Bluntly, the government stole the land, broke treaties and created reservations that would contain the Indians. They lived in poverty and under very poor conditions. It still is not rectified, but it seems that some are making a good living building and running casinos and is an example of how they can catch up on the American Dream.

That brings up another issue involving Governor Cuomo. He has created another war with the tribes. They are not supposed to be taxed, but he disagrees with that and has even allowed competition by building state run casinos. That isn’t working very well for him, either.

However, while there is the process and history for improving America, there are also some built in handicaps which we refer to as corruption. Now, corruption has been a part of civilization since it started. There seems to be a human failing known as greed and it sometimes takes over the personality of those who are focused on power. As this column has mentioned several times, politics is not about good government. It is all about power and money.

That statement is difficult to argue against. Truth can be very inconvenient to the overly ambitious politicians. Fortunately, there are still some people who run for office and are elected who are honest and do the right thing. In this state, we can call them a minority just by looking at Albany.

Sure, we make progress. America has been a leader in helping other countries survive because of our actions, like military intervention where necessary. There were a couple of instances where intervention wasn’t a good idea but we have helped countries ravaged by natural disasters and wars. America has been a champion of trying to help others.

We still keep trying to do that, but even there the problem of corruption raises its ugly head. It is seen from local governments to the federal level. The more money available, the more corruption, and New York is an example of the art of “pay for play.” An Assembly Speaker and a Senate Majority Leader have been convicted for corrupt practices and still have not spent a day in prison.

This brings us back to Governor Cuomo who has amassed a campaign fund of more than thirty million dollars. That brings a focus to links between state contracts and donations to his war chest. This has been going on all during his tenure. He once initiated the Moreland Commission which he said was to fight corruption in Albany, but ended it under suspicious conditions.

Now, because of the gubernatorial election looming large, the issues are being brought up, but it would seem that the major media does not give it the attention it deserves. Andrew Cuomo is definitely a liberal’s liberal and most of the media in the state is controlled by liberals, so the issue is not given the attention it deserves.

This column will be focusing on corruption and go beyond the disdain Governor Cuomo thinks about the greatness of America. We will make the effort to bring attention to the inequities of focus on why New York is the highest taxed state in the nation and has more government controls on everyday life than most.

Stay tuned for more news about why Governor Cuomo thinks America isn’t so great and what the people will have to do to correct his mistake. It is called election and our right to vote. The power belongs to the people, but they have to use it.

Budd Schroeder