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Change laws or change lawmakers

There are too many people being killed by evil or deranged people. That is the simple and most logical premise. The killers use guns, knives, bombs, vehicles, blunt instruments (like baseball bats) and bare hands. Two things are common in homicides. There is only one degree of dead, regardless of method and that is takes a person to commit the murder.

Governor Cuomo focuses on the gun with his approach to reducing homicides, be it degrees of murder or manslaughter. He uses the mass murders in schools as his reason for his hatred of guns and his desire to disarm good citizens who are not violent or deranged. Using simple math, if you take the number of gun owners in the state and the number of those who misuse gun ownership, the good people outnumber the criminals and crazies by a ratio of 99.75 to .25 percent.

If we could only have that kind of percentage for honest politicians to the crooks and scammers In government… However, it is obvious that the focus is not on getting a more honest and ethical group of representatives in the legislative and executive bodies. Corruption can be very lucrative if you don’t get caught, and for some who do get caught, a good lawyer can make the problem go away.

Rather than do more to encourage honesty in government, the status quo seems to be favored by a majority of legislators and executives. Even those who are not corrupt, don’t want to upset the “we always did it that way” philosophy that seems to run amuck in the Albany legislative chambers,

Andrew Cuomo is starting to feel some pressure about corruption and is being linked with those who have been convicted or under indictment. In this election year, this could prove to be a real negative in his campaign. This may be why he is so determined to create a smoke screen of more gun laws to draw attention against a real vote loser like having friends or colleagues being indicted for bribery or other illegal actions.

People tend to believe the old saying of “birds of a feather, flock together.” Sometimes the stink goes away in the minor cases, but if the reporting starts putting links together, it can cause a huge drop in support and cause political upsets.

So, to gain support from the liberal majority in New York, Cuomo endorses and enacts liberal legislation. He has even supported extensions of the abortion laws and has made the comment that people who are pro -gun and pro-life don’ belong as citizens of New York. He suggests that they leave the state. He doesn’t want them in HIS state.
Seems he is getting his wish. People have been going to other states because of the laws and high taxes. Perhaps that is why the governor encourages illegal immigration and wants to turn New York into a sanctuary state. Loss of population creates a loss of congressmen and power in Washington.

Cuomo made a law called the SAFE Act which changed the rules for gun ownership in New York. It was passed as a “message of necessity” because it is the only way he could get it passed. It also exposed some corruption in the assembly and the senate. Two of the “three men in a room” were convicted of corruption. A fish rots from the head down. Maybe it takes a while for people to realize just how much of the head has rotted.

The SAFE Act made some rifles illegal because of featured that gave it a “military” look. The rifle had to be registered with the state or the person would be charged with “illegal possession of a firearm.” This registration was not popular and compliance was a lot less than the governor expected. This means that many honest gun owners are felons (who have not been caught). Now they are former honest gun owners just by a stroke of the Cuomo pen,

Having a magazine holding more than ten rounds is also a felony which carries a greater penalty than some degrees of child abuse or adultery. Recently a person who had three magazines in his automobile was stopped for a traffic violation and the magazines discovered. He is a veteran with two tours of duty in the Middle East and has a disabled son. He was found guilty of three felonies which prevents him from voting.

However our governor released more than twenty thousand felons who were serving part of their sentences on probation and they have the right to vote. Go figure!

Cuomo had a bill that passed the assembly that makes it possible for teachers to report a student who the teacher considered to be a danger to himself of others to a judge to get an order for the confiscation of any guns in the student’s household. It is a Red Flag bill.

Logic would demand that if the teacher was convinced regarding a potential danger the student displayed, it would more sensible to require the student to have an evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychologist to determine if the student really was a danger. Then, a report to the police would be in order. The police already have the authority to confiscate weapons they believe to be a danger in those circumstances.

That does not satisfy Governor Cuomo and he wants any excuse to confiscate firearms and this is a door opener for additional restrictions to encourage more people make an accusation that would cause confiscation. The opportunity for abuse is immense. A neighbor’s grudge might be enough for him to make an accusation as revenge for some disagreement. That is already being done in some domestic incidents.

Gun violence is a misnomer. The term should be the “criminal misuse (or abuse) of firearms.” The only thing necessary to make a gun, edged weapon, baseball bat, etc. a weapon is the person holding it. The reason why the SAFE Act and other gun laws don’t work is because criminals and deranged people don’t obey laws.

Stupid politicians make stupid laws. If the good citizens in the state want the laws changed and can’t get the politicians to do so, they will have to change the politicians in office. This is an election year. CHOOSE WISELY.

Budd Schroeder